Four Countries with Strongest Military Power – National’s defense becomes something serious for each country. This has become something absolute since the country must have sufficient defense system. It is not only limited to the existence of armies. However, it also includes the weaponry, heavy vehicles such as tanks, and various kinds of handguns and other weapons. Although basically the countries now do not fight each other and it no longer is in the warzone area, the defenses are important to maintain the peace and prevent any bad things that may happen. In this case, there are some countries that can become top five in term of their powerful defense.

First, there is Japan. Japan has in total of 247,160 people in the army. It is true that the army of Japan may be lack in term of numbers of people. In comparison to North Korea, even Japan still loses in term of the numbers of army. However, what makes it special is the technology in their weaponry. Even, some of them were the most advanced weapon that can be found. For example, Japan has 152 planes for secret mission. With this number, only US can compete with the Japan. Next, Japan’s navy has 40 ship destroyers. On the ship, there are armies of Japanese martial arts. Still continue the possession of Japan; the country has 3130 steel-layered vehicles, 1004 tanks, and 119 helicopters for wars. In 2020, it is estimated that Japan spent around 49 billion dollar.

Secondly, there is India. India is predicted to have around 1,444,000 active soldiers. Although there were no serious conflicts such as war, India got conflict regarding the territorial acquisition. The conflict is between India and Pakistan who live in area of Kashmir. It is said by Global Firepower that India became one of the countries with great capabilities in term of military power. For New Delhi, there are at least 4292 tanks 4060 artillery, and 538 units of war jet. In term of budget, it is estimated that India spent around 51 billion dollars.


Next, there is China. In Asia, it seems that it is hard to find competitors for China. So far, it was United States that has become powerful nation since the era of world war. In term of numbers of active members or army, there was 2.183.000. In recent years, China was focusing their power to build the navy. It is also reasons why there were conflicts in the South China Sea. There were still many collections of vehicles and weapons. For example, there were 33000 steel-coated vehicles and thousands of planes and helicopters. In 2020, the country spend around 237 billion dollar.

Forestoil – Lastly, there is United States. All people surely are familiar with this country. United States are like places where all things can be found. It is one of the super-power countries. In term of its defense and military power, US have 2085 war jet, 967 helicopter, and 742 planes for secret mission. There are also 965 planes for carrying people or goods. There were still many interesting facts about United States. Last year, it is estimated that US spent 750 billion dollars.