Japan and Its Vaccine Passport – There is something unique created by Japan. Currently, Japan is trying hard to prepare the passport vaccine of COVID-19. By doing it quickly, government of Japan wanted to get recognition by ten countries that also have used the same system of passport. These countries also include Italy, Greece, and France. Representative from Japan government said that the vaccine passport will be implemented once big parts of Japanese already got vaccines twice. There were steps of preparations, and one of them is to check the infection rate of COVID-19 on those who already get the vaccine. Japan should gain recognition so later they can test the effectiveness of the vaccine passport of COVID-19.

The general idea of the vaccine passport is to give exception and even privilege. Normally, people had to stay in isolated area after coming to certain country. In this situation, of course this is not effective since people already waste around 14 days in isolation. When they have the passport, then it will not become something interesting. Moreover, Japan currently is in the preparation of Olympics in Tokyo. This is special events and there surely will be many spectators and fans from all over the place. Because of the importance of the event, Japan does not only focus on the aspect of passport, but the safety of the participants and local people should be maintained well.

Forestoil – As for the condition to get the passport vaccines, there is no complicated stuff. What people need to do is to show that they have been vaccinated twice. Then, there are some details that should get attention. For example, people should know their personal body condition. In this case, Japan was considered as lower than USA, Israel, and England. That is why it takes longer period of time to make sure that all conditions are under control and there will not be anyone being scapegoat when things do not happen as what is expected.

Japan and Its Vaccine Passport

In addition to the development of special passport and the effort to completely vaccinate the people, there were also serious threats that can attack many times, and it is the Delta variant of COVID-19. The variant of COVID-19 was very contagious. It can spread the threats quickly and it cannot be taken lightly. That is why when there were the passports; visitors can show the special passports for further check. Once it is done, normally visitors will not need to wait for 14 days or until the phase of its virus collapsed.

So far, Japan becomes one of the countries that were very tricky. They forbid the new comers to Japan since the government was very afraid if they would bring the virus. Even if they insisted to come, they need to be isolated for 14 days first and normally the Japan government has provided with some options to stay. To cut the long process and days of isolation, Japan made the passport so it can help visitors to directly enter Japan without having isolation. Although it is good idea and other countries also try it, in fact WHO did not support the making of vaccine passport. It is because vaccines do not stop the infections and it is still possible to get infected again.