Poker games are one of the gambling games that take up a lot of the players’ time and some poker games can even last for hours. In addition, Poker tournaments which are held in many parts of the world can also last for hours, even in some tournaments, Poker games can last for 8 years or even more. Here are 4 lists.

Foxwood Casino
The record for playing the longest Texas Hold’em Poker game was actually won by a player named Larry Olmsted. Larry played at Foxwood Casino Resort in Connecticut in 2004 and played the game for 72 hours without a break. In this game, Larry managed to beat the record for playing poker for the longest time from Phil Laak, who is a professional poker player. But then, Laak followed and won the title. It is not known for sure whether this title will change again in the next Poker tournament.

Bellagio Hotel
In 2010, Phil Laak won the title of player who gambled Poker with a long time from Larry. In this Poker tournament, Laak gambled for 115 hours non-stop at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. However, during this tournament, Laak is allowed to get a break of four minutes every hour and is used to go to the bathroom. At the end of the tournament, Laak managed to win $7000 which also earned him the world title.

Belgian Poker League
The next longest Poker Tournament lasts for 120 hours and is the Belgian Poker League tournament which was held in Antwerp in 2017. In this Poker tournament, players can buy tickets to participate for only $5 and can take a break between rounds of Texas Hold games. ’em the Poker. The tournament was later listed as one of the longest marathon tournaments in the Guinness World Record.

Dun Glen Hotel
The longest ever Poker Tournament ever recorded at Dun Glen Hotel which lasted for 14 years started in 1910. This tournament was organized by its owner named Thomas G. McKell as one form of party that will not be forgotten for his hotel visitors. However, these Poker tournaments technically have no definite ending and make the Poker tournament one of the longest tournaments in the world. To date, no other tournament has managed to beat his record.
Poker games are exciting games and sometimes make players forget the time like the four Poker games. In fact, the match that took place at the Dun Glen Hotel in 1910 lasted for 14 years and was recorded as one of the longest Poker games ever in the history of Poker tournaments.